Finally, I'm all caught up! This is a night that hasn't happened yet. Jake emailed me a couple days ago saying he was doing a Synth Night in September. I mentioned before that I'd had a design all ready in case there was ever a Synth night. Well, he did a Synth night but didn't require a poster so i used the design I'd done for something else (SEE: Eno poster). SO... When another Synth night came up, I felt a brief moment of "Aghh!" but then remembered I'd just seen something the day before that I thought would make an excellent illustration, and just happened to fit really well with the Synth theme:

This is a friend of mine's current profile picture on Facebook. I put that into illustrator, traced the lines (because I wanted that pattern exactly) and used an outer glow effect on them. I then did that with the type. Pretty simple, and still has the Caroline Royce Design mark upon it. I LOVE Synth music.

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