:PERSONAL: There is a light...

I. Love. The Smiths. And this is one of my favorite songs of all time. I could listen to it for days at a time. I combined my love of all things British with this set of lyrics. I think subconsciously it was inspired loosely by this. I can't say a lot about this. It was pretty quick (again to avoid homework), but there's still a lot of love in there. Also, I don't know how, but it seems to be one hell of a popular piece on my Flickr page. That's actually good, because I made this with people like me in mind, who'd just loooove to buy a print of this and put it in a cute little frame. Once I get THIS, I'll be able to start a little business.

Stay tuned.

:PERSONAL: Thursday Afternoon

Lately all my good work has been borne out of an avoidance of homework. Hm. I wonder what will happen when I'm done with school. Luckily, the end isn't anywhere near, so I'm good for now.
My work station is situated in front of a big window, where I can see from our 3rd floor apartment. On Thursday it was a miserably cold and rainy day (though not cold enough for our heat to be on..) and I saw a guy walking on the street, wearing all black, with a bright blue umbrella. I thought that was pretty striking, so I decided to draw it up quickly in illustrator. It's cute right?


I've always been fascinated by Space. The first thing I remember wanting to be is an Astronomer. I was asked by local radio host DJ SLT to create a poster for his show, ACROSS THE BOARD, based slightly off of the Space Oddity poster I did. So, I knew I was going to do (my favorite) the colored lines, which I still maintain symbolize sound, with a hint of "exploration."

Colored lines=music.

He's also, like, the biggest David Bowie fan EVER. I'm not even exaggerating. He's an inspiration to young Bowie fans everywhere, such as myself. David Bowie is also very fascinated with space. It's pretty obvious to anybody who's heard any of his songs. The moon was a late addition, because I felt the poster needed a big striking image, and instead of something abstract, I decided on the Moon. It represents the late hour that his show airs during, David Bowie, and a mutual love of Science Fiction. He requested the stars, which I felt was well-needed. The font is ITC Avant Garde, which is becoming synonymous with the more spacey stuff I've been doing. Overall, I think this is another step for me in my design. I think this poster is as much for me as it is for him. Great fun. I'm real proud of it.