:MUSIC: Summer Breeze

MUSIC presents-- Summer Breeze
"Summer Breeze" was basically just another Yacht Rock night. I don't know, I didn't check it out. I figured... Warm colors that were also refreshingly cool. Jake pitched the idea of a couple sharing a glass of wine (second time he brought that idea up) but I thought it might be busy, plus I couldn't find anything to model it off of (you think I just free-hand those silhouettes?!). I stuck a boat in a glass of white wine, and it went over well.

This would turn out to be my last MUSIC gig. Another talented local designer and musician, who is also a friend of Jake's and loves this kind of music, offered to do a poster for the subsequent night, and eventually Jake asked me if I wouldn't mind letting him do all of them from now on. I figured, as long as I get to keep working for Jake on every other project he requires, then I can let this one go. I started it out, gave it a logo, did the first few posters, and that's good enough. I have no problem giving this job to someone who is as passionate about the music played at MUSIC as I am about what's played at Transmission.

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