:KING'S WINE BAR: Celebrating Eno

This one was definitely months in the making--without me even realizing it.

See back in the month of October I went through this phase where I was perfecting the craft of colored lines. The color strategy I originally had with this one went towards the Across The Board poster.

This started out as a fake Transmission poster. I thought if he ever had a Synth night coming up, I could use this scheme, because the lines are abstract and expressive, ambient, but also somewhat cold and technical--much like synth music is. The grey background and thin Futura type were also the same. Then this Brian Eno night came up (and a Synth night at Transmission DID happen, but there was not official enough for a poster).

Brian Eno is like, the godfather of Synthesizer music. He revolutionized it. I remember listening to an interview with him (also back in October) on the radio, where he talked about the Synthesizer being 1 of only 2 reasons he was able to get involved in the music industry (the other being the recording studio). I knew when Jake handed me this assignment, I already had my design pre-meditated, and all I needed to do was fill in the blanks. I think for anyone who knows anything about Brian Eno, they will see how this poster captures his essence perfectly.

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