:PERSONAL: Asher's First Birthday

Asher's First Birthday
Asher is my cousin Lauren's baby. He turned 1 in May and since I just adore the little guy so much, I thought I would make him a customized poster. Little boys want to be astronauts don't they? And I love Space anyway. I was sitting at a Twins game, and rather than thinking I could make him a little ballplayer, I got the idea for Space somehow. I think something to do with the fact that the Twins play in an outdoor stadium now, I caught myself looking at the sky one too many times.

It's kind of a throwback to the fascination everyone had with Space in the 1960's. And I put his name in the moon, of course. It was hard to get the gradient right but everything else turned out pretty well. I printed it on 140 lb stock with my Epson WorkForce 1100. Beautiful. A mix of lullabies accompanied it. (MY style of lullabies i.e. Bowie, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, etc...)

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