TRANSMISSION- "Mind the Gap"
Oh, British Pop. So wonderful, so diverse, so classic and cool. I swear, forever and ever, I had this idea of using a roundabout sign as inspiration if Jake ever decided to do a Brit Pop night. Then Jake told me about the night and I was like "Yes! This is it! I can finally make the roundabout." But then he gave me the title: "Mind the Gap." Which is perfect and all, but it wouldn't have made sense with my idea. So it got scrapped.

Luckily, I love maps of trains; especially the London Underground. I've always wanted a reason to make my own. AND, it fit perfectly with the theme of "Mind the Gap."

I took the actual Underground map and traced over it in Illustrator. It was kind of tedious, and almost back-breaking, but not at all work I despised. I asked for a list of British Pop bands from the last 50 years, and decided each "track" would represent a decade, making each "station," or "stop" a band. Pretty nifty right? The map was oddly sized, though, so I really had to scale it down to fit it in the poster. I gave it a rounded border, and did a nifty visual pun with the Underground Logo and adapting it to Transmission.

I ended up using this project as my final assignment that I presented in my Adobe Illustrator class. Easy as pie, and the teacher loved it. Clean and modern, she said.

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