Mad Men party 2010
Oh I loved this project. They did this party last year and I made a pretty valiant effort of making a poster for them before I realized that it was actually a big deal. Suffice it to say, since Jake is involved in this, I got to do it this year. Score! It's a freakin' show about Ad Men in the 1960's. How up my street is THAT?!

This was also very difficult though. The request was to use the official Season 4 poster, which was only available to me online in lo-res, and since this was going into print... You can see my dilemma. Well, I did what I could and adjusted the resolution as much as it would allow. I figured putting some photoshop filters would be the way to get my aesthetic, and also solve some of the issue with the graininess. It worked for the first one, the second one had to be even bigger, and that posed a huge problem. I'll admit, it didn't look the GREATEST in print, but I know I did everything I could, so I guess there's no use getting my panties in a bunch.

Would Don Draper be proud? Or would be possibly patronize me? I think probably both.

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