:TRANSMISSION: In-Between Days: A Night for The Cure

This was supposedly Jake's first-ever night dedicated to The Cure, which I find shocking. They're such a great band that has such a huge impact on the night. He first alluded to the night in the Summer time, which excited me, and provoked me to do this poster early on.

The Cure were one of the first bands to do the Goth thing. I wanted to play to that look, since I really LOVE the music they made during that phase. For some reason, Goth is heavily associated with victorian dress, so I made a sort of old fashioned Victorian style poster with a silhouette of Robert Smith (whose hair is really that ridiculous). I had those little vector flourishes leftover from a couple years ago, and figured they'd go well.

I originally was probably going to do something more, with a baroque-style background, just super fussy and ancient looking. But, I think my OCD would get the best of me in that situation and I'd end up editing everything.

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