:TRANSMISSION: John Hughes Tribute

Where to start with TRANSMISSION? I started going there in May, and everything sort of clicked. It's located at a fantastic bar, and the DJ, Jake Rudh plays great, great tunes all from my favorite artists. Started going every week, became a member of the Facebook group and became friends with Jake. I mentioned to him that I do design and if he wanted some flyers I could totally hook him up.

This is the first one I did, and it was sad that John Hughes had to die for me to get my foot in the door, but otherwise I might not have become is go-to gal for design. So. A mixed blessing I suppose.

Anyway. The concept is easy enough. John Hughes movies have a heavy musical influence, and I wanted to use an image that conveyed that. I chose this one of Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink, because Transmission IS a dance night, and he is dancing (If I would've found anything decent of the kids dancing in Breakfast Club, I would've used those. But I didn't.) It also gave me the opportunity to take inspiration from this poster:

The things that are difficult about a design are never what you would expect. the thing that gave me the hardest time with this particular one was finding the right color pink. I was going to have to eventually turn it into a JPEG and that compressed all the good pink right out of the design, so I had to keep going darker. Not only that, but since I applied a filter to the color on the jacket, it looked darker than the type. But, the color had to be the most eye-catching thing. And I think I struck a balance here.

Stay tuned for more TRANSMISSION posters

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