:TRANSMISSION: A night of "Celebration"

I'll come right out and say it; I'm not wild about this poster. Jake combined a Top 40 80s Night with the 'celebration' of Madonna's new album. Madonna=80s icon. That's fair. But also he wanted me to use the album art, which is very UN-80s. It was a bit grungy, I thought. Nevertheless, I got to work, trying to mimmick the album art throughout the poster. It's kind of beaten down and torn up. I also added some paint splatters. That, I suppose, was the one unifying element between the Madonna album cover and the 80s. I seem to remember paint splatters being somewhat fashionable?

I don't know, I only lived two years in the 80s.

Anyway. The graphic took me a good long while in Photoshop. I downloaded several stock paper images off of
Deviant Art (which is invaluable for projects like these) and got down to business. I don't think I did anything wrong execution-wise. I'm just not crazy with the aesthetic. Fortunately for me, people really liked it. But... Those kinds of things are only good in moderation. If you don't like what you do, no matter what others think, you should reconsider what you're doing.

I tried to make the type as 80s as I could. Hot pink with a bit of drop shadow and a little sheen. And to give the whole design dimension, I absolutely had to get the type behind the paper. Just a little.

Since the "Celebration" album art was already so graphic, I guess that's what I struggled with. How to add to something that was already so loud? It was a struggle. This may be the most NON-minimal thing I've done. I think there's possibly too much visual impact.

But. It ain't bad work.

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