:UPTOWN THEATER: Shaun of the Dead at Midnight

Ah, Shaun of the Dead. It is my favorite movie ever. Seriously, EVER. I won't go into that here, but I will say I was quite excited when the ultra-cool Uptown Theater in Minneapolis was doing a midnight showing for "-of the dead" month (October). I'm friends with a good number of the employees there, so I asked if I could make a poster. Ohh yeah. I'm not exactly sure why, but I wanted a 60s influence in there somewhere. I wanted to go as far as have the whole thing illustrated in the style of Shag, but I'm not quite skilled enough for that. So, I did it with the title of the film. Good enough.

The blood splatters were my favorite part. I got them a couple different places on DeviantArt, as well as the folded paper background. The movie still was simply taken from a movie cap. It's actually a perfect image, because it has the red tie, which went with the design, and the cricket bat, which, to me, is iconic to the film.

And, I didn't plan this, but if you look at the design from far away, it makes a big "Z." Get it? Z for Zombie!

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