:TRANSMISSION: Damn Right, It's Hall & Oates Night

I know next to nothing about Hall & Oates. They're largely a "guilty pleasure." Jake got in the mood, though, I guess, and he gave me the assignment. Something "not too overworked," as it would only be in the public view for less than a week, and he LOVES the floating silhouettes I do, and as I've pointed out to him, it only works when it's with a recognizable figure. Luckily, Hall & Oates are just distinctive enough. It was an easy-enough poster to make, and I got an "OMG" from him. Hall's hair amuses me greatly.

As for the night itself, it was fun as hell. And I probably never would have admitted to liking them before, but at the moment I can't get enough. Jake is making me a mix.


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