For the third installment of The Midnight Movie Society, it was held at a different venue, and showed Quadrophenia. Hadn't heard of it before, but after some light research on google images, I gathered that it's a film about Mods and Mod culture. I LOVE Mods! I would consider myself a faux-Mod, sans scooter and mini skirt. Anyway.

The big thing seemed to be the scooter, and from a few other things I saw around there, it was about the nitty-gritty of English suburbia, about rebellion and what-not. Mods were just the precursors to Punk. So, I threw in a crumpled up paper texture to give it a weathered look. The Mod bullseye was a given, and I did a live trace in Illustrator for the scooter. It wasn't my intention initially to show only part of the bike, but when I placed it into Indesign, it came that way, so it stuck. I opted to do a white poster instead of the black frame I did for the other two (different venue, different style). Much easier with small type, as in print, this was 3.75" wide.

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