:PERSONAL: Hipster Jobs

It seems I haven't done a "Personal" project in a while. This was inspired after hanging out with my friend Kat at her work, which is a vintage clothing store. Recently we noticed that more and more people were calling and asking if they were hiring. I just thought, "in this economy, of all the places to be hiring, I would think a Vintage Store would be the least likely." So we brainstormed a bit and thought about other places Hipsters were likely to go to for employment that are definitely not hiring. I felt that I had to get Indie Cinemas in there, so I had to make a four part venn diagram, instead of three. Also without it, it wouldn't have worked out. Hopefully people can sense the tongue-in-cheekness of it, and I should point out that I am an unemployed Hipster too. Of course, I'm smart enough to know where NOT to look for employment, but still.

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