I was sent a message from Ciaran Daly, who fronts local band The Idle Hands about doing a poster for his new DJ night he's doing with his brother, Crisotoir. I said yes, of course, because I've known about him and his band for a while now, and I'm a fan. He looked through my stuff and said he liked the Morrissey and Hall & Oates ones, which I sighed a bit at, because I'm starting to get paranoid that I do the silhouettes thing way too often. He suggested him and his brother's heads, with little ski caps on, since "The Parallel Christie" is a skiing reference, and their whole theme apparently is based around this skiing thing. I told Jake the project I was doing and he said "Don't make it look like a Transmission poster," which freaked me out even MORE, as I have no idea how to do something different from Transmission. I don't make my Transmission posters look like Transmission posters; I make them look like MY posters. So, yeah. I used GeoSans Light, which is a font I have never EVER used before, and i added the decorative border to give it a more retro look. The illustrations were easy enough to do, and voíla. Easy enough, I suppose. It's also nerve-wracking, working for new people. You don't know if they're going to love it or hate it or be confused by it or whatever. I think this has been a pretty successful endeavor. Ciaran liked it and I guess I'll be doing some more work soon.

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