:BRIT'S PUB: We Can Work It Out

I actually made this for Jake, not Brit's Pub officially (I just didn't know how to categorize it!). Basically, this sounded like the funnest night ever, and I was gutted I was not going to be able to attend.

The Beatles are by far the most important thing in my life EVER, so I was stoked I got to do a poster with them. Jake suggested maybe some mop tops, and from there I came up with this concept. It made me realize how much I actually suck at Illustrator. I don't do Live Trace, so the illustrations were done by hand, but, in the spirit of those Swinging Sixties, which was appropriate. I made their instruments into little Rock Band controllers, and finished it out with a sassy Union Jack. At first I really liked the textured background, but now I find it a little much. My thinking was an old poster you might've seen back in the day when the lads were playing a small club gig... Back before they became the biggest band ever.

Then this got put in vita.mn, but someone (I don't know who), made a whole lot of edits to it, which I was not too happy to see.

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