:TRANSMISSION: November Spawned a Monster

Well well well. Here I am again, after an unofficial blogging hiatus. I really should blog as often and frequently as possible. I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on (surprise). Here we go with what now has gone down in history as my favorite Transmission ever. Jake told me we needed a theme night before the infamous Thanksgiving Eve Transmission at the end of November. I tried to think, but he's done everything this year. Then I remembered that a Smiths/Morrissey night hadn't happened in a year, so I suggested it to him and he's like "Yeah! Make a poster that looks like a Smiths album" (Not sure what those look like? Direct yourself HERE).

I don't like using photos that I haven't taken, so I found this funny one I took of Jake last year during a Transmission. Smiths album cover photos usually have little relevance to anything except that they're people Morrissey like. That's pretty much the case here. Jake liked it, but thought it might be perceived as vain if we used a picture of himself. Pfft. Luckily I was on such a designers high I made another one with a picture I also took at my birthday party this year:

Yeah, someone made me Morrissey cupcakes. This still worked out fine for the theme, but I didn't love it as much. This one became the official poster but Jake paraded the other one around anyway.

And like I said, best Transmission ever.

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