The Cure night almost wasn't going to happen, and this would've been the sole goth-y night at Transmission in October. Luckily, Jake decided to go with The Cure (which meant I got to use the poster I'd already made), and think of something different for this night. Like last year's Transmission Halloween, this one is named after a Bauhaus song. I didn't know the name of the night before I made this, so I just did something that felt like Goth and Post-Punk and minimal. I was really feeling October when I made it, basically. I don't know why, but Futura is a great "dark" font without being grunge, which seems to happen a lot, I've seen (at least with Goth nights in Minneapolis).

In terms of the design itself, I drew inspiration from the following:

Which, when you look at all those, you might wonder if I ever come up with anything on my own. Well, I do. It's not like I keep one image open and constantly look to it when I'm in InDesign. I simply draw bits of ideas from several things and blend it. That's what creative problem solving is all about. When I see something that inspires me, I not only save it to a folder on my computer, but I somehow lock it away in my brain, so that when I need to come up with an idea, I can just open the filing cabinet in my brain and pull something out pretty quickly.

Anyway, the whole Bauhaus movement was also a huge influence here. It makes sense, after all (and I think Bauhaus couldn't have chosen a better name for their band).

This took about 10 minutes and I did it to relax after dealing with a bunch of business-type BS all day. It's great that my escape from work is more work.

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