:TRANSMISSION: Holiday New Wave dance party

I made this the same day I made the Smiths posters and also the Thanksgiving Eve poster. So, it had barely been thought about as far as a name goes. I sent it to Jake and he said it was fine as is (so I never got to add on the official title--"Christmas Wrapping", which woulda looked awwwesome....).

You know me, I can never be away from retro for long. I decided to make this look jazzy, hip, modern, but also nostalgic and warm. Classic mid-century modern colors are that crisp teal blue with bold red and seafoam green. Since we're talking about "new wave," I figured I might as well make the colors flow together because that's what I do for music. It started to look like a painting from that era and also had some resemblance to Alexander Calder's mobiles. (Too lazy to find anything specific but this should be sufficient). I love the colors. It's so fresh and bright and festive. Hopefully the night (which is actually 6 hours from when I'm typing this) will be as rad. Yes, I'm calling my own work rad!

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