:TRANSMISSION: Bowie Birthday Bash

Across the Board and Transmission are somewhat related in that the two DJs are friends AND they're both heavily influenced by David Bowie. Jake's favorite persona is Thin White Duke Bowie, and he wanted something simple and sexy for this poster. I was a little sad because I wanted to do something with space (yeah okay, I just love that stuff), but it didn't matter. I used ITC Avant Garde (duh) and a picture given to me by DJ SLT. I don't really like using pictures anymore because I feel it limits my creativity. It's too easy to stick an image in a design. I like challenging myself with illustration or vector shapes. Whatever, it's not my poster, it's Jake's. I used the lightest weight of font for this poster, since I was evoking the "thin" white duke. Once I found the right alignment, it was simple after that. I used a crumpled paper texture for the background, which I now regret. Overall, not my best or proudest work, but it could be worse. The most important thing is, Jake loved it.

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